Sidney Kelly (born Appledore 1879) was captain of the Waiwera from 1915. In 1917 a torpedo fired from a German submarine missed her when she was off the Lizard. In 1926 she was sold to Ellerman Bucknall Line and renamed 'City of Pretoria'. In 1928 she was sold for 11,000 and scrapped at Barrow.

Waiwera was built in 1898/9 by William Denny & Brothers of Dumbarton and Lloyds Register list her details as follows:
Ships No. 110243, SteelSc3MstSr, 6237 Tons, 425.7 feet long, 54.1 feet breadth, 29.8 feet depth. Built for Shaw Saville & Albion Co. She was built with a cargo capacity of 80,000 carcasses.
In 1899 on October 1st, she sailed from Wellington with the first contingent of New Zealand troops to fight in the Boer War.

  Picture of Waiwera  
Waiwera  (1898-1928)
The Shaw Saville Line, Richard P. De Kerbrech
Ship Pictorial Publications 1992

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