Kelly Mariners

Here is a list of Kelly 'master mariners' and the ships on which they were captain (C) or mate (M).
Information about ships served on has been gathered mainly from the Captains Registers at The Guildhall Library - London and information from certificates appearing in the "More Details" section are from the Maritime Museum Library at Greenwich - London.

Stephen Sharzell Kelly, born Appledore 1814, son of Richard Kelly (1790?-1858) and Betsy Sharzell (1789-1851)
More details:

Dawn, Nuggett, Intended, Nestor, Sir Francis Drake, Express, Excel, Ficino, Elizabeth, Arcana, Galatea
Captain of all except Intended.
Died of Yellow Fever on board Galatea in 1879. - Index to Marine Deaths

Richard Kelly, born Northam 1818, son of Richard Kelly (1790?-1858) and Betsy Sharzall (1789-1851)
More details:

Mary Mathew (Capt.), Gypsy (Mate), Rosaria (M), Melody (C), Prima Donna (C), U.S. Margaret (C),N.A. Fairy (C),
N.A. La Plaba (M), N.A. Virginia (C), Jacary (C), Eva (C), Cuero (C), Theresa Batters (C), W.M. Batters (M),
Maggie (M), Jonie (M), Florence (C), Grace (C), Spartan (C), Robert (C)
Died Northam 1886

Richard Kelly, born Devon 1822, son of George Kelly (1790-1870) and Susanna England (1779-1857)

Faithfull (C), Firefly (C), Emma Jane (C), Garland (C), Alice Wilson (M), Lady Seymour (M), Marley Hill (M), Ambrosine (M), Allies (M), Voluntina (C), Princess Royal (M), Isabella Sanders (M), Hero (M), Sussex (M), Zetland (M), Eliza (C)

John Kelly, born Appledore 1844, son of William Kelly (1821- ) and Elizabeth Pile (1815-1855)

Tayda (C), Annie Laurie (C), Geo Batters (C&M), Pelican (M), Cygnet (M), Ousel (M), Whimbrel
Died at sea on board Whimbrel 1881 (aged 37) - Index to Marine Deaths

William Henry Kelly, born Appledore 1844/45?, son of Richard Kelly (1818-1886) and Miriam Matilda Nichols Mole (1822-1887)

Shalimar (C), Ocean Gem (M), Parana (M), Loch-Na-Gar (C for 6 years), Wave Queen (C for 11 years) Nelson (C)
Died 3rd Jan 1893, New Zealand - Index to Marine Deaths

Robert Kelly, born Appledore 1853, son of Stephen Sharzall Kelly (1814-1879) and Elizabeth Moulton (1812-1871)

Cimbri (M 1880-1882), Benego (M 1883), Dauntless (M 1883-1884),
Alney (C 1884-1886), Eclipse (M&C 1887-1888), Olympia (M 1889) Stainecliffe (M 1889-1890), J.M. Lennard (M&C 1890-1892), Arthur Head (M&C 1893-1897)
Died 14th Dec 1897, Bremerhaven Hospital, consumption (TB) - Index to Marine Deaths

Richard Alfred Kelly, born Appledore 1860, son of Richard Kelly (1818-1886) and Miriam Matilda Nichols Mole (1822-1887)

Wave Queen (M 1890 - brother William Henry is Captain), Lutterworth (C for 7 years 1891-1898), Akaroa (C 1899-1903), Kingfield (Steamship) (C 1904-1907), Lynfield (S) (C 1907), Flaminian (S) (M 1908), Pakeha (S) (C 1908-1909), Kumara (S) (C 1909), Rangatira (II) (S) (C 1910-1911), Tokomaru (C 1911), Dunedin (1911)
Died 1923

Richard Kelly, born Appledore 1857, son of William Kelly (1821) and Mrs Mary Ann Perry (1817) (2nd marriage)

Lutterworth (C 1884-1885), Halcione (C 1887-1891), Westland (C for 8 years until death)
Died 8th Sep 1900 (Australia)

James Moulton Kelly, born Bideford 1879, son of John Moulton Kelly (1844) and Jane Evans (1843)

Sir W. Lewis (Steamship) (C 1904-1905), Winifred (S) (C 1905-1911)

Sydney Kelly, born Appledore 1879, son of William Henry Kelly (1845-1893) and Elizabeth Pile Kelly (1846-1925)

Rangatira (S) (M 1907), Arawa (II) (M 1908), Matatua (II) (S) (C 1908 - 1910), Pakeha (II) (S) (C 1910 - ....), Waiwera (S) (C 1915 - ....), Kumara (S) (C 1921)
Died 1942, buried at Morthoe

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