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The purpose of this web site is to share and gather information about the Kelly family of Devon (England). At present most of the research centres around North Devon and concentrates on the two Kelly families of Marwood and Appledore/Northam, but there is also an interest in Plymouth after about 1900.
There are a number of 'Master Mariners' in our families and so a section has been created to cover that interest.

The web site is therefore split into three sections: Kelly of Marwood, Kelly of Appledore and Northam, Kelly Mariners. Click on the blue links below to go to the section you are interested in.

No historical links have as yet been established between these 'North Devon Kelly' families and the village of Kelly (SX396816 near Lifton).

There is also family 'folk-lore' linking the Kelly's with Sir Richard Grenville.

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As of September 2010 I am starting to amend and update this project. I have begun by replying to e-mails received since Jackie died.
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Kelly of Appledore and Northam, Devon

Kelly of Marwood, Devon

Kelly Mariners

Latest Additions:
SEP 2010: Format updates and W3C validation. (ongoing)

FEB 2009: Changes to e-mail display (no longer a link) to reduce SPAM.

FEB 2003: HUGO family connection added to Appledore section(see Blanche Marion Hugo).
DEC 2002: A "More Details" page is being added to each person in the Mariners Section. (on-going)
NOV 2002: Marwood list of names re-written to include a reference field (IGI Parish Records etc.)
NOV 2002: Appledore & Northam list of names re-written to include a reference field (IGI Parish Records etc.)
SEP 2002: Pictures added to Mariners section.
AUG 2002: Pictures added to Mariners section.
AUG 2002: Re-structuring of web site with more navigation aids. (on-going)
MAR 2002: Picture of Loch-Na-Gar added (see Mariners section).

Some of the images of ships referenced from the 'Kelly Mariners' page are reproduced with the permission of The Alexander Turnbull Library, National Library of New Zealand Te Puna Mätauranga o Aotearoa.


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